Beauty and Hard Work


I am fighting a battle that is very familiar. I have friends coming to visit for about a week. I have less than a week to prepare with other real life responsibilities in between. And I desperately want to plant flowers in my back yard. It’s the end of winter, a nice sunny but very cool day and the empty spots are crying out to have colorful flowers added to them. Of course there are a few off season plants that need to be cut back but it’s the dirt in between that calls to me.
I could work all day and throw my back out doing that because the end result (even the process) will be beautiful.
Organizing and removing clutter also ‘adds’ beauty by taking out the ugly to show the decorating that has been done. Rearranging furniture helps too. But truthfully, cleaning doesn’t have enough impact to keep me going.

Ok, the more I think about it the more I want to get it done. But I think the issue is we expect the house to be neat, clean and uncluttered. It’s a negative if it isn’t done but it’s not that big of a positive if it is done unless you saw the ‘before’ picture.

With gardening, planting annual flowers (specifically) there is greater impact. You notice the beauty, it stands out against the back drop of ordinary. I long for it in such a strange way. I imagine the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment it brings. I see myself sitting at my patio table and the ‘ahhh’. There is a ‘rest’ that I can experience (even with the imperfection of some parts of the garden still needing attention).

Well, for me, the frustration of not having the house function weighs heavier than the glimpses of beauty so off I go to de-clutter, organize and clean. If I didn’t procrastinate or could manage my time better I could have done both, maybe if I push myself I can. Off I go….


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  1. how did it turn out? hey i told heather about the microwave cake and she found a similar recipe and put it on her blog…

    • how did what turn out? are you commenting on the ‘beauty blog’ or something else? I keep forgetting to try the microwave cake, I’m sure I will love it. Guess what I had today? A few bites of Pots De Creme from Gayle’s, sooo yummy:)

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