Palm Desert – April 2009


It is windy and cooler than I thought it would be this time of year. The view of the pool and then the golf course (with water feature) is just beyond. Roadrunners jog by from time to time and a few geese that haven’t migrated yet linger nearby. I’m enjoying hearing the stories from 84 years of living from the Grandma. I’m surprised by how quickly we feel connected – I think we really could be room-mates. Watching her deal with the loss of her eyesight has helped me to appreciate some of the simple things I enjoy. 

We had left-over Easter Lamb tossed into a salad with the other things we had on hand the first night. We went to the grocery store yesterday and picked up some fresh ingredients. Grandma had never had (or even heard of) Tilapia but she was willing to try it. So I baked two yams in the microwave and sauted onions, yellow and green squash in a skillet. After I took the vegetables out I added a little more light olive oil and cooked the fish until it was browned and flaked easily (it cooked quickly since the filets were small). It always feels so good to eat healthy food – fish and vegetables, a little olive oil and salt and pepper – simple goodness.

Tonight we plan to have Turkey Meatloaf – we had a conversation about comfort food that prompted the decision. I’m hoping to make a Lemon Meringue Pie tomorrow (or tonight) but I need to go buy a rolling pin first.

The house is beautiful, comfortable and welcoming. Well, it’s time to look through some recipes, almost time to cook.


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