Jim Henderson Video Clip Discussion

I sent this video clip to friends on facebook and asked them to respond. Little did I know that by creating a group the way I did, every time someone responded those who get notifcations on their cell phones were driven ‘crazy’ by the constant buzzing at work (not to name names but a certain darling daughter was irritated:)
So I cut and pasted the comments here where they died as I suspected. Not that we needed any more comments or discussion but it was fun while it lasted. If you are interested in the subject, watch the video and comment. Thanks, tj actually, I just tried to watch the video and it has been removed:/
To see the facebook responses click ‘more’….
Bonnie – If anybody is listening,….. I would like to be heard, and acknowledged. That is where the heart of any real conversation begins, which leads to real relationship. When we relate this way, questions are asked of each other, rather than just statements proclaimed. When we really care about the other person in our conversation, both people begin to really want to know more about the other. In time this kind of relationship will draw out whats truly in each others heart. Then the moment to share about what and who posses your soul, will be something the other longs to hear about, waiting to hear, what do you have to say. This is rarely experienced in relationship but once you have, it leaves you longing for more, longing to be herd, to be known. It starts by listening, its hard to learn to listen, its hard to wait. I have a girl friend who listen, and now I listen. In the depth of my despair God herd me, He met me there, He listened, and began to heal me.
Today at 1:30pm
Bonnie, are all those your words? That is beautiful! and profound! it sounds like a quote from a book.
do you realize this was posted in a personal message to me, no one else can read it? I would like to post it on my wall are you ok with that? love your heart:)
(if you do post it we just need to edit herd to heard:)
I wish I listened better, I wish I could be silent not our of discipline but out of real curiosity and love of others….I wish I was brave enough to ask the glaring questions when someone is talking….
Today at 1:31pm
Actually, I think we can all read it. šŸ™‚ And it is well said.
Today at 1:32pm
‘not out of’ instead of ‘our’ I deserved that! Oh and you know, I think this is a reply to ‘all’ I sent the video to not just me :/
Today at 1:33pm
whew, luckily I didn’t say anything incriminating….
Today at 3:40pm
OK now I am following ‘Off the Map’ on Twitter. I have given many of his books away. I heard awhile back that the name the book … of AKA the lost (seeking those whom Jesus is missing most) Has changed it’s name? But the book by any name is and would be a huge help to the church people are leaving in mass. Imagine people coming to Christ simply because they like our “otherliness” Lord give me more of that. Let me just be invite-ing! I listened to this 2 times and then went to some of his sites. I am studying what I really do feel/think about this. I know I was loved into the Kingdom by a man who was by his own testimony “backslidden” I saw Jesus in Him and I came. We are still together me and the man and me and Jesus. And me like the blind man knew nothing of doctrine I only knew I was blind and then I saw/see. Thanks Teresa for stirring me to think. I am friends with a young gen-x and spirit filled woman. Melissa is her name. She is writing as a volunteer reporter for Stoneroft Live. Our relationship is a lot .. me listening to Me-lissa I call her that because of the fact that I think of her as “my” Melissa. I have four daughters and three daughters in loves/law she has become one of them so I have 8 now. She is teaching me how to be a better mom to all of them (they are all peers) The things I am learning are wonderful because I simply wanted to know her. OK I am known for being wordy. Forgive me. I find that I get heard more of I write so what do I do .. write. Nuff said. Keep me in this loop of learning here my young friend. A mum in Oregon
Today at 4:05pm
Teresa, Yes, those were my own words. I take it as a compliment, that you thought I may have been quoting a book, I’m sure I’m inspired by everything I read. I’m definitely inspired by you! We all wish we were better listeners. Some of us talk more than others, (not to mention names but I have logged onto a blog, T.J. talks, and talks a lot!) but very few times do most of us really listen, not just “not talk”. When you do stop talking,Teresa, you do really listen, and you listen better than any one I know. Of coarse, you know, and every one else should know too, that you the “girl friend” I refer to in my previous comment (above) that taught me how to listen! Of coarse knowing how and doing it are not the same thing. Listening is still so hard, but before I didn’t realize that I wasn’t listening. Doesn’t every body want my great advise and perfect perspective on on life!?!?! By the way, I did spell”heard” correctly one time in the paragraph! So now we all know some times I can spell and Teresa listen!
Today at 5:02pm
Thanks for responding Faye Marie, I went to a workshop that Melissa did at Impact 08 in Kansas City and just recently became ‘friends’ on facebook with her. Interestingly I contacted her so that I could get info to lead a similar workshop at our next Stonecroft retreat. She seems like a very loving wise woman.

and Bonnie,yes I meant that as a compliment. Thanks for your kind words.

I’ve been thinking about this whole blog/internet/social network thing and how we put words ‘out there’ and hope someone will be interested and read and ask for more. How empty we (I should say “I”) feel when I ‘say’ something and no one responds or asks for more.

Does Christ in us enable us to give to others what we still long for and often don’t feel like we are getting?

Today at 6:05pm
My darling MeLissa H. is a wise young woman. You saw her response to my status yesterday. And I love Got questions .. I went to her work shop at Impact as well. And have known her since she was about 21 working in the Home Office with Jan Spayd. She is amazing and discerning. Would you be willing to share your notes from her or what you have yourself. I have been asked to do a similar break out at our Boot Scootin’ event.

In answer to your last question. I believe and feel so. But there needs be the time spent listening to Him first.

Today at 6:13pm
I will be happy to share or you can get them directly from her, she just sent an email attachment with her notes, I haven’t looked at them all yet. tj

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