#3 The Scent of a Homemaker


The Scent of a Homemaker

(Cinnamon – ground)


        She loves the fall. It’s her favorite season. The crisp air, the leaves changing colors, walking to the farmers market to buy fresh apples. She loves the crunch of those dried leaves under her feet.

        It will be a long day and she knows she will be tired at the end, but she is filled with energy as she moves through the day.     

        The menu was planned days ago, the house is picked up but not spotless. She often has asked her dinner guests, “Which would you prefer, a clean house or a homemade pie?” There hasn’t been a person yet who has chosen an impressive home décor to homemade food.

        Each step of preparation is part of the experience. She enjoys light classical music in the background as she assembles the apple pie. The aroma as it bakes is as important as the taste and texture the guests will enjoy.

        The compliments are nice but the real joy is watching them take it in. The looks and sounds of bringing others pleasure. For her it’s all about the total package. Friends and family welcomed into her home and therefore into her heart.

        Conversations inevitably turn to family memories. Holiday dinners with special recipes passed down through the years.    

        The dishes can wait until tomorrow. Dropping into bed with a sense of satisfaction bring her best night’s sleep. It’s amazing how pouring herself out actually fills her up. Waking to dirty dishes used to be a discouraging way to start the day. But now it just prolongs the experience.


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  1. thanks Karen…that was from last summer, I joined a writer’s group up at Menlo Park Presbyterian. I would actually love to start one down here…are you interested?

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