Bacon Popcorn


We can’t remember where we heard of bacon popcorn (maybe friends in TX tweeted about it)….but we tried it last night. I was rushing so I didn’t do as much research as I usually do when I try a new recipe. The first one I found called for 3/4 cup bacon grease, it would take a week of cooking bacon for breakfast to accumulate that much grease so I continued to look. The one Lenny found was on Nosheteria but it doesn’t have specific measurements. Read how I ended up doing it after the jump….I diced about 5 slices of raw bacon and slowly rendered the fat until the bacon was browned and crisp. I removed the bacon with a slotted spoon and set aside. I added a little more vegetable oil to the pot and covered the bottom with unpopped popcorn, covered with a lid and adjusted the heat…first kind of med. high, then down to medium. I shook the pot a couple of times and opened the lid a few times (I read releasing the steam will prevent it from making the popcorn ‘soggy’, stays crisper). Then I dumped it into a large bowl, poured the cooked bacon over, tossed and added salt. I was a little disappointed, it didn’t have as much bacon flavor as I had hoped and all the bits dropped to the bottom of the bowl. I’m thinking of trying to undercook the bacon (use more pieces and not add extra oil) and then add the corn kernels and pop with the bacon bits still in the pan. Also I think the ratio of kernels to grease needs to be higher in grease content. So next time I will try this and let you know if it helps. If you have tried it I would love to hear how it went.

Second attempt at Bacon Popcorn:

I diced about half a package of center cut bacon and slowly browned in a large saucepan.  Just before it was completely brown and crispy I added a little more leftover bacon fat from the frig and covered the bottom of the pan with unpopped popcorn kernals  (right on top of the diced bacon). I covered with a lid and started shaking the pan, holding the lid on and ‘tossing’ the popcorn inside as it popped. Every now and then I opened the lid slightly to allow some of the steam to escape. Sometimes little bits of bacon would escape too.

When the popping slowed down I dumped it in a large bowl, added a little butter to the pan to melt (heat turned off) and poured the melted butter over popcorn tossing to coat and trying to get some of the bacon bits to come up to the surface (they pretty much ended up at the bottom of the bowl). Sprinkled with a little salt.

It was very tasty (more bacon flavor than the previous attempt) but I think the bacon and grease started to burn a little and I don’t like that burnt flavor (my husband does though so it was ok with him).


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  1. Teresa: Bacon grease and popcorn are delish! That is the only way my Uncle would make popcorn and he literally popped corn each day (outside on his patio on a wood stove!). He also ate bacon EVERY DAY (and lived to be 92!). He simply saved his bacon grease each day and refrigerated it then scooped it out, put it in the pot and popped his corn. He also put (real)butter (melted) and salt on it. I always taste the popcorn before putting a lot of salt on it simply because the bacon grease and butter add salt as well. In his eyes there was really no “recipe”. . .he just “eyeballed” the bacon grease and added the popcorn. I pop the old-fashioned popcorn a lot and I put enough oil/bacon grease to cover the bottom of the pan and when I add my popcorn it’s sitting in the oil but not “floating” in it – just enough for the popcorn to sit in the oil and stay on the bottom of the pan. The popcorn is so good this way!

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