A Day in the Life…


…of an almost 50 yr old.

I’m currently watching Martha Stewart discuss geriatric care and I am paying very close attention. I guess I’m having a mid-life crisis of sorts. A friend from Toastmasters sent us all a link to a motivational speaker who has a 10 year plan to change our lives. I love all that goal setting and examining your life stuff so of course I signed up to start getting the pdf forms to fill out and email updates. Then all of a sudden it dawned on me: in 10 years I will be turning 60! I know how fast 10 years will go by and I know they seem to go faster each passing year.  I’m not saying my life will be over when I turn 60 but it’s likely I will have life limiting health conditions at least on the horizon by then. My husband is talking about 10-15 good earning years left. These are sobering thoughts that all lead to the age old question – how do I decide to spend my time each day, starting with this day.

On New Year’s Day of this year, I asked my husband and my 17 year old son what they wanted in the coming year. Not a specific goal but a desire, a hope for the future. My husband said ‘a sane wife’, my son said ‘a sane mother’. I instantly knew what my first priority would be when it came to my own goal setting for the year. Goal #1 Sanity. One step toward that goal is exercise but specifically yoga to add a calming effect. And it’s time for my second class this week so off I go, blog to be continued…..


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