Writers Group 3/24/10 #1 (unedited)


I’m late to Writer’s Group so I will need to write about whatever comes to mind.

I made it. It would have been easy to just skip it (again). I’m not sure what goes on inside as I make decisions about how I spend my time. Something keeps me from fully pursuing what I want.

I want to write, I want to be a writer.  I don’t know why. I don’t even know if it’s a good thing. No, I do know it’s a good thing, I’m just not sure why I want it. The motive may not be good.

But that’s not what’s on my mind today. Today the question is…why do I sabotage the development of my own dreams? I could have checked to see if the address to the church was in my GPS before I raced out of the door. I didn’t have a choice about the two phone calls that interrupted my morning but I did mismanage the hours before that.

This is life. I’m not going to beat myself up for missing the first assignment. It takes a lot for me to get here and I’m here. And I’m writing. If I had stayed home I probably wouldn’t be writing. The facebook/twitter thing is definitely keeping me from accomplishing as much as I’d like to but even today I can see the positives from putting tidbits of my life online. My last status post was ‘I’m getting ready to go to my Writer’s Group in Menlo Park. Did I just admit that?!!!’ Funny thing, it’s been so long since I attended I even wrote the wrong city.

As I was loading the car a friend called after reading the status update. As she asked about the Writer’s Group I realized I had forgotten the name and address of where I was going. My dear friend got on her computer and looked up the address (after much verbal debate with myself – ‘is it Cupertino, Sunnyvale – NO – Mt. View! That’s it! Presbyterian Church in Mountain View.’   ‘I used to live near there I can tell you how to get there!’ she said. ‘That’s ok just give me the address, I’ll punch it into the GPS at the next stoplight that way I can get off of the phone.’  All I need is to get a ticket on top of everything else. I couldn’t find my blue tooth in the rush this morning. And it’s a good thing because I saw four Highway Patrol cars on 85 as I drove here. I’m also glad I didn’t speed – the cost of the ticket plus the time it would have taken to pull over and get it would have really discouraged me.

I’m really curious to hear what the first prompt was but I really am ok with having written my own story as I get back into the routine of writing – at least once a week.

Next step, get the lap top out – my hand hurts from writing.


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