France: Wish List and Friend’s Suggestions


My mother’s neighbor suggests these places:

1. Branly Museum (Musee du quai Branly)ée_du_quai_Branly, She said lunch in the gardens of this museum is a must, I’m intrigued.

2.  Le Train Bleu for dinner,

3. Another fun place to eat,  Au Pied de Cochon,

4. Shopping near The Opera House,

My Wish List:

1. Dordogne River canoe or barge ride (or bicycle ride).

2. Wine Tasting in Bordeaux, along with bike ride or bed & breakfast stay.

3. Normandy (possibly),

4. Mont Saint Michel,

5. Giverny (Monet’s Garden….tour, paint and possibly spend the night)

6. Versailles

7. Louvre Museum

8. Notre Dame

9. Sit at a sidewalk cafe with coffee and croissant.

10. Walk along or cruise along the Seine

11. See the Eiffel Tower (maybe dinner with a view of the lights).

12. Musee de l’Orangerie


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