Post Paris Party Deux


I didn’t want my trip to France to be over so one way I’m keeping it alive is to share the memories with my friends. Last week I had three girlfriends over to taste some of the samples of things I brought back and some things I bought here that I hoped would be similar enough to what I enjoyed there. Today I did something similar for another two girlfriends.

I decorated the table with things that I either received from my husband on his previous trips to France (tablecloth) or I have collected along the way. The sunflowers in the center were in memory of my first painting at the art retreat.

You can see how it all came together if you click ‘more’

I scattered my almost finished watercolor paintings around the room and put background music with a Parisian flair on the cd player.

I served a sparkling rose with the appetizer cheese tray (French cheeses, dried figs and salami), baguette, crackers and duck terrine (in a can) we brought back from the foie gras region.  I placed the wood plank with the seal from the winery we visited beside the cheese tray.

Butter lettuce with Champagne vinaigrette and French Onion Soup was our main lunch. I borrowed the soup bowls from a friend.

A toast to friendship. I thanked them for encouraging me and believing in my artistic ability which influenced my decision to follow my passion and go on this trip.

We had crepes for dessert. Kathy chose strawberries and Nutella, Lauren chose bananas and Nutella and I had one of each 🙂

And after they left I had time to unwrap and put in water the beautiful flowers that Lauren brought.

It was a great time of conversation and food. Never enough time to tell all the stories and catch up on all that is going on with our families. A wonderful day and the memory of France lives on a little longer.


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