Corned Beef in Crock Pot


Corned Beef (beginning of cooking time in Crock Pot)






This is a pared down version of my St. Patrick’s Day Dinner, using the Crock Pot (Slow Cooker).

1 cup coarsely chopped onions (plus additional onions cut in wedges with stem intact so that they hold together, to eat with meal, up to 1/2 lb, optional)

1 cup coarsely chopped carrots (or washed and peeled baby carrots), (plus additional, up to 1/2 lb cut in larger pieces to be cooked at the end and served as vegetable, optional)

3-4 lbs Corned Beef Brisket (flat cut) with seasoning packet

1/2 cup Malt Vinegar

4 oz Irish Stout

1/2 Tablespoon whole Mustard Seeds

1/2 Tablespoon whole Coriander Seeds

1 teaspoon whole Black Peppercorns

1 teaspoon whole Dill Seed

1 teaspoon whole Allspice

1 large or 2 small whole dry Bay Leaves

1 1/2 lbs whole cabbage, cut at the last minute into serving size wedges, with the stem intact so that they hold together after cooking)

1 1/2 lbs small red potatoes, scrubbed, cut larger ones in half so that they are fairly uniform in size

Place chopped onions and chopped carrots in the bottom of the crock pot. Add brisket with all it’s liquid and seasoning packet. Add the vinegar, stout and spices with enough water to almost cover the meat (follow your crock pot instructions, do  not fill more than 3/4 full). Cover and set timer for 8-10 hours on low or 3-4 hours on high.

I don’t have room in my crock pot to add the additional vegetables so I’m going to cook them in a large sauce pan (covered with lid) with some of the juice from the crock pot and additional water, vinegar and stout the last hour of cooking time, adding the cabbage the last 20 min. or so.

With a slotted spoon scoop out vegetables onto warm serving dishes, cover with foil and place in warm oven. Using tongs and a slotted spoon, remove beef to cutting board. Cut off and discard fat. Slice meat across the grain (thinner if you plan to use in sandwiches later). Place on a serving tray deep enough to handle some of the liquid to keep it moist, wrap with foil and place in oven with veggies while the last minutes preparations are made. Serve with mustards and black and tans (stout and lager layered in a glass) or your favorite beer (we like Newcastle even if it is English instead of Irish:)

Best with Irish Soda Bread, see recipe here:


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  1. Hi Patti, I’m guessing it’s about 4-6 servings but that won’t leave our family with any left overs, so I’d say it’s about perfect for 2-3 people with enough for one or two sandwiches the next day, depending on how much is consumed the first night of course 🙂 TJ

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