Bolinas Morning Poetry


My husband took me on a little adventure trip to Bolinas, California. I will do a travel blog post about that later. But while we were there I read a little instruction book on how to write Haiku poetry (it was in a kit there in the cabin). I wasn’t really excited about any of the reading materials I had brought with me so I started reading and writing my own Haiku. Of course my husband picked it up more quickly and is really good at it. I on the other hand feel like it’s not quite there for me but I really had fun doing it and I’m going to share what I wrote anyway. I think it gives insight into our weekend getaway. I’m still learning but I hope you enjoy the process with me.

My first Haiku that first morning was this, I’ll call it

‘First Night in Bolinas’

cabin’s cozy bed

lullabied by crashing waves

night’s chill to morn’s view

I don’t have names for the rest of these but you might be able to tell what I was looking at as I wrote these.

lone boat pushes through

vast waters of blue and green

morning stroll or fishing trip?

And this one:

road trip adventure

inside green-house turned cabin

morning coffee – us

It was Memorial Day and my husband was writing about that….so I wrote this:

the same waters hold

sunken ships and teaming life

remembering war

We hadn’t left the cabin for our walk yet, so I was still hoping for clear skies when I wrote this:

gray green sea with clouds

blue and white cup with coffee

yellow sun please come!

And then I wrote this:

last night wind with sun

today still, cold and cloudy

uncertain day ahead

One more from the morning:

drive through the city,

walk to cabin, outside/in

different kinds of Wild.



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