While The Biscotti Bakes


I have a lot of choices while the biscotti bakes. I could start laundry, do the dishes, pick up around the house, read facebook posts, or even watch tv. But today I decided to write in my journal and read a little. At one point I looked out the window and had to write about this.

I’m reading ‘Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places’ by Eugene Peterson. Today’s chapter is titled ‘Exploring the Neighborhood in History’. The first paragraph reads:

“When we first look around the neighborhood we are struck by the sheer profusion of life – a rose in blossom, a red-tailed hawk in flight, a cat on the prowl. White oak and blue whale, amoeba and giraffe give fresh and eloquent witness to a mystery that ever eludes us but never, if we take the time for it, fails to put us on our knees in adoration. This is especially the case with human life. Every time a baby is born the gospel is preached. The virgin birth of Jesus provides the *kerygmatic center to all this world of experience in which we receive the revelation of God as Christ plays in creation.”

With Christmas approaching these were good words to ponder. I also had a conversation with a friend yesterday that bought a new perspective on these words. I thought about those involved in birthing human life and their role in this kind of preaching of the gospel.

This is what I’m thinking about today, while the biscotti bakes.

I had to look this up: *kerygma definition noun

  1. preaching of the Gospel
  2. emphasis on the essence and spirit of the Gospel, as in preaching, catechesis, etc.

Related Forms: kerygmatic adjective


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