First Informal Dinner Party


October 7 we had our first little dinner party. We met both couples at the Union Church our first Sunday here. Karl and Linda are from Gilroy/San Jose, very near where we lived before moving to Yokohama. Jeff and Yoriko have lived here for many years.

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I had to read the manual again to figure out how to use the oven and I had adjust my recipe to pull the Apple Pie together after discovering the flour was a finer type and the shortening had a higher moisture content. But everyone seemed to enjoy it even if it wasn’t the same as my usual version.

Before dinner we had salami, garlic/herb cheese spread, crostini, and a type of pepper chutney I found at our market.

Dinner included Ceasar Salad, thick cut pork chops (we found on sale at the Union Market in Motomachi), gnocchi (De Cecco brand ready to cook) which I covered with a spicy red sauce (Arrabbiata) I also found already in a jar at the market. I browned the chops in a skillet then cooked in the oven with vegetable broth added to keep them moist. I added grated mozzerella and gouda cheese to the gnocchi and warmed in the oven to melt the cheese.

The wine was Montevina Zinfandel from Amador County California. We found that at Tomei’s (a California Wine Bar also in Motomachi).

The Apple Pie was served with Cappuccino or Decaffeinated coffee.

It all came together and we enjoyed our time getting to know our new friends. We heard the story of where two of them  were and how they got home on the day of the sad Earthquake in March 2011. We heard stories of International Students becoming a part of the family. And we enjoyed the view and laughter of new friendship.

This is just a sample of the blessings that have exceeded my anticipation of our new life here in Yokohama.


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