While the Rice Cooks


Earlier today I wrote this Tumblr post , then I sketched this rough draft . Then I had lunch and went to the gym. I tried the Salsa Dance class and planned to only do that for 30 minutes, but I was lost enough that I still had enough energy to start, but not complete, the Zumba class afterwards.

I must say I was very surprised to see woman my age (mid 50’s) and older really rockin that Zumba so well. The class had less slow version training steps than my classes in California usually had. They just go full speed right from the beginning.

The best part about the day was that Wakae (pronouced Wuki – long i), the mother of the young woman I met last week, that lives in the building next to mine, noticed me and talked with me before both classes, saved a spot on the floor for me and met me afterwards with an invitation to go see some Ikebana flower arrangements in the mall. She also wanted to show me a grocery store that has imported foods for expats. Both were quite enjoyable. I plan to take more time at both places in the next few days.

She was so excited to practice her English and feels very insecure but she actually does very well. She just has to search her memory for some words and we do a little of trial and error as we communicate. After we strolled through the mall and the market I invited her to get Beignets at Cafe duMonde. I had a 50% off coupon given to me by my other neighbor.

We continued to chat as we sipped our coffee and enjoyed our hot fried dough then we walked home as the sun was setting past the newly planted flower beds in this beautiful brisk fall air. I was inspired to cook myself a little meal so I stopped at my nearest market and stocked up on a few items. I thought I had microwavable rice but didn’t so I’m waiting for the rice cooker to finish my rice before I stir fry my lotus root and warm up the prepackaged sauce for MaPo tofu.

I’m not real thrilled to hear the concert through my opened window but I doubt it will go late and I’ll put my tv on soon anyway. I figured there would be nights we could hear the cities festivities, we are in the middle of it all and that knife cuts both ways. These evenings that my husband is away it’s most important that I stay up late enough to sleep through the night. The first few nights I was ready for bed by 7:30…I’m not that old yet!

Time to start frying my lotus root, the rice is almost done.


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