The Breakfast Dance


A perfectly fine Spring morning ruined by words.

Over coffee, eggs and toast, words between us that push the other away.

I said, you are angry. More of an accusation than a question. I did ask a question earlier but that was also met with defensiveness.

It’s your tone, he said. It’s the self-righteous, I can’t believe you would do such a stupid thing tone. He said he would have responded differently if the words were more humbly from a place of I know you struggle with letting go, so do I.

He said, I said, attack, defend, avoid, blame. And the dance continues.

And then I opened my email to find Dr. Crabb’s Weekly Words:

“Once we see that words can have power, we must no longer be content with shallow words that mean little.  We must set out to harness that power with a clear awareness that words can both tear down and build up.”

Encouragement, Page 22

Question for Reflection:

  • How have you experienced the power of words in your life recently?  Did they tear down or build up?

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