Vintage Seventeen Magazine – Now You’re Cooking: “It’s A Bloomin’ Party”

Vintage Seventeen Magazine – Now You’re Cooking: “It’s A Bloomin’ Party”

I’m in the process of throwing away as much paper as I can, trying to simplify and minimize. While going through old recipes I had cut out of magazines through the years, I ran across this one. The memories flooded in and I didn’t want to throw it away. But I’ve decided I will find as many old recipes online as I can, and save the links instead of saving the paper or typing every detail into my computer. I searched for this set of instructions and found there are many other people interested in vintage recipes and quite a following for the ‘Now You’re Cooking’ section of Seventeen Magazine but very few photos and instructions saved and available online. Then I found this blog post and decided it was time for me to share my few treasured recipes from the beginning of my cooking/baking days. I hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane with me.


Seventeen Magazine “Now You’re Cooking” Mother’s Day Flower Party article May 1979

I used this party planning article to host a Mother’s Day brunch for my Mom and my two Grandmothers some time shortly after the article came out in 1979. It was one of the first times I planned and executed a special meal all on my own. I was probably 19 years old and still living at home at the time. (I’ll try to find the photos of my family enjoying that day in a future post…don’t have access to the photos at this time.)



Gumdrop Flower Instructions, from “Now You’re Cooking” article in Seventeen Magazine, May 1979

From the notes and my limited memory, I think I chose to do the cake instead of the cupcakes (although I might have done both, the photos will confirm that detail later).



Bread Basket for party sandwiches, “Now You’re Cooking” Seventeen Magazine, May 1979

My family was not real familiar with tea sandwiches and I love that I kept notes on who liked which ones.  The Curried and Dilly were both marked ‘good’, the Cream Cheese with herbs very good by my Mom and I, but my Dad did not like them. I guess no one really like the White grape punch, it was marked just ok.


Bread Basket for party sandwiches, instructions and recipes. Seventeen Magazine, “Now You’re Cooking” May 1979


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