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Sketchbook Journal Entries Early Summer 2015


 Atami, Japan       

Irises in Kita-kamakura. 


Karuizawa, Japan 



Yokohama, Japan: Getting Started


My last post on this site was a recipe for Baked Penne Pasta. I can still picture myself in my old kitchen that had become so much a part of ‘home’ for me.

That house is now empty, waiting to go through Escrow, waiting to house a new family, waiting to be full of life and laughter, struggle and tears, food and fellowship. My old house is empty but my life is full. We are in the ‘Honeymoon’ phase of our adventure.

I’m starting my days in very much the same way I started them back in California. Coffee and Facebook (a little email and Instagram thrown in). Some days we are up early enough to have breakfast together and some days my husband rushes off with a breakfast bar.

My computer is still set on California time (I like to know what time it is back home when I have live chats with people there). My new cell phone is set on Japan time. And that about describes where I am with this transition. Keeping a foot in both worlds for now. About the time I start feeling like this is almost home, it will be time to pack for the move back…or at least that’s the way we see the story going. But who knows.