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Wise Words: Overheard a College Student


You never know where the next words of wisdom will come from.

I was with our adult daughter in a bookstore. One of our favorite bookstores in the world as it turns out. Our husbands were playing golf together at that famous St. Andrews golf course in Scotland and we were walking around this college town; seeing the sights and tasting the food. The name of the bookstore was Topping and Company and I highly recommend you pop in there (they serve you tea or coffee on a darling tray with real china tea cups (not paper) on a cozy couch or chair while you look through the books).

And that’s when I heard it. One student talking to another about whether or not to participate in the upcoming graduation ceremony. He said “Graduation is a moment. That’s the point of graduation. To provide moments for you parents to look back on.” Bam! Wise words from a college student.