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Sketchbook Journal Entries Early Summer 2015


 Atami, Japan       

Irises in Kita-kamakura. 


Karuizawa, Japan 





I’ve been painting. After my art retreat in September, I came back determined to take more classes and just make myself paint more. I joined a free class at the Senior Center but due to holidays, out of town travel and now a cold virus, I haven’t been able to go back to class after the first one. I’m frustrated by that.

So I’ve been trying to do more at home on my own. I have to think of it as practice or I will remain frozen, unable to use up the ‘good’ watercolor paper and new paints. It’s still hard to do sometimes. There are so many other more pressing things on the ‘to do’ list but this week I’ve been sick with a cold and I haven’t had the energy to do most of the things on my list. The good news is it doesn’t take much energy to paint and my expectations are quite low so I just try to distract myself from my stuffy nose by slopping some paint down. Here are a few photos of this last week’s progress. It feels good to be producing actuals works and then just taping them up on the wall.


Started this from a photo on my computer (from our trip to France) Dordogne River



Copied from the phone book cover (kind of cheating, but it's just practice)




Unfinished, using photo from a magazine as inspiration.



Followed the instructions in my book Watercolor Tips & Techniques (also a copy of someone else's painting)

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