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Tara in Wonderland Bridal Shower, Part I: The Bride and her Maids


The Bride-to-be at her first Bridal Shower

Friends, balloons, pink heart shoes, photos, yummy food, cute decor, gifts,.....excited!!!

Pink Heart Shoes!

Bridesmaid Lisa, Tara and Bridesmaid Heather share the love.

She might get carried away.

These photos were taken by Lisa Pearce, well, except the one that she is in, TJ took that one.

The balloons were from Tara’s engagement photo shoot the day before.

Mother of the Bride: Shoes


I’m considering these shoes (I did purchase them on sale at Steve Madden) as a Mother of the Bride option for the wedding. That is if I go with a neutral colored dress (silver, gray, champagne, etc). If I go with a brighter dress then I’ll probably go with a neutral shoe. It’s starting to get close enough that I need to do some more serious shopping, ugh, I hate making clothing decisions.