A Trailer Home Beside a Country Road By T.D. Bayless



I just viewed a lonely place

While leisurely driving around.

Although I tried, I couldn’t keep

Sad tears from flowing down.

A scene where once dear friends had lived

And welcomeness bestowed.

But now an empty Trailer Home

Beside a Country Road.


I even walked up near the door

But it didn’t open wide.

And someone say, ‘Come in and sit

It’s kinda warm outside.

Have some coffee or a coke

While we sit and chat.’

Oh no, this didn’t happen,

Deathly silence instead of that.


As I viewed in front of the trailer home,

No garden graced the scene.

Where once had grown lush vegetables

Tall grass and weeds now teemed.

But I saw and heard familiar things,

That brought back memories.

Mocking birds still sang with glee

Up in the cedar tree.


As I departed the lonely site,

Deep thoughts engrossed my mind.

As I gazed up toward azure skies

I wondered, if that in time,

I would meet my friends again

In a glamorous, gold-decked abode,

Or will it be in a Trailer Home

Beside a Country Road?


By T.D. Bayless

T.D. (Theodore Debs) Bayless was married to Iva who was my Paternal Grandfather’s Aunt. T.D. wrote this poem about my Grandparent’s (Furman and Edith Lytle) last home in Shafter California not far from where I grew up. T.D was one of the co-writers of the song “The Pill” copyrighted  1973 and recorded/released by Loretta Lynn in 1975.


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